Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mary Worth 28

As much as I hate to admit it after three months of anticipation, this is so awesomely satisfying. You GO girl! Everything about today's strip is simply succulent. Dawn Weston doesn't hold back. She's impassioned. She names Drew Corey's crimes right in front of Vera Shields, and then she hammers him with a viscious and long-time-coming "SLAP!"

It's a good thing Drew and Vera came in different cars, or something tells me, he'd be walking home. That is, if he can still walk when Dawn is through smacking him. I'd like to see a few more days of Dawn slapping Drew. Followed by a few days of Vera Shields punching Drew. And then, just to make it really gratifying on Sunday, the horses start to kick Dr. Drew Corey back and forth in the air between them before launching him over the stable.


Anonymous said...

Yes, today's strip was extremely gratifying. I'd love to see Dawn turn on Vera, or at least be extremely catty to her. And I can't wait until she confronts Mary herself!

just for now said...

Drew: That went pretty well, I think.