Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mary Worth 32

Meanwhile, back at Dr. Jeff Corey's suburban log cabin...

So, Drew shows up at his father's house again (where he may live and where Mary Worth certainly does not live) and invites Mary to Meddle. But before she does any meddling, she asks Drew to retell the whole story. This will be great! We get the entire story again, but this time from Drew's misogynistic perspective: He'll be the charming, irresistible doctor; the women will be the lonely, quaint little ladies dependent on his manly approval.

Wait a minute, that's how it was portrayed the first time... right up until that slap when Drew got some sense knocked into him. Still, I'm completely up for a three-month retelling of the last three months, so thank you for asking Mary!

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Anonymous said...

What's with the white hair stripes on the side Dr. Jeff? Are you going to Paulie Walnuts's stylist all the way in New Jersey?