Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mary Worth 38

I haven’t bothered to blog much about this week’s Dawn Weston scene. But I put the dialog into script format so you could prepare it for your Acting 101 class. I’ll offer a review after the show:

(or Dawn Explores Her Feelings)
A new play
by Karen Moy

Setting: The Weston condominium at the Charterstone Complex. Books line many shelves. Lamps and framed prints hearken back to 1962. Wilbur is seen comforting his daughter, Dawn, a student at UC Santa Royale.

DAWN: Oh, Dad! What a fool I’ve been!

WILBUR: No, Dawn! What a jerk Drew has been! (Wiping Dawn’s tears) You deserve better.

DAWN: He lied and cheated on me! I don’t think anyone deserves that! Sigh. Maybe what happened between Drew and me was partly my fault.

WILBUR: What do you mean?

DAWN: I only saw what I wanted to! If my eyes were open going in, I wouldn’t be in this position!

WILBUR: I wish you had told me about you and Drew from the start!

DAWN: What difference would it have made? The outcome would have been the same!

WILBUR: Maybe… Maybe not! In any case, I hope you know I’m always here for you!

DAWN: I know, and I’m grateful Dad!

WILBUR: You know you can talk to me about anything, don’t you?

DAWN: Yes, of course! I just didn’t want to face your arguments! With Drew and me being in such different places in our lives, and the age difference…

WILBUR: I probably would have expressed my disapproval, but knowing you, that wouldn’t have stopped you!

DAWN: I really cared for Drew! Part of me still does… despite what happened! With him, I experienced real joy again! Even if it was only for a short while… I can’t regret that!

(Flowers are delivered to the Weston apartment)

WILBUR: Roses addressed to you Dawn!

DAWN: What does the card say?

WILBUR (reading): “Dawn. – I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. – Drew” Do you want me to throw them away?

DAWN: No. Like my feelings for Dr. Drew Cory… the flowers will eventually fade and die. It’s just a matter of time.


I think this works best with Natalie Portman and John Lithgow as Dawn and Wilbur respectively. I’ll have them over for Dinner and Drama tonight and let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Brava! I won't be able to see this play until it is available at TKTS, so thanks for sharing a little piece of it with me.

Anonymous said...

Could Drew have written something a little more generic on his generic peace offering of roses?