Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mary Worth 52

I think calling that beagle innocent is awfully presumptuous. He's a dog. Chances are there is nothing innocent about him.

Thankfully, the most unusually named animal hospital ever is nearby. It took me a bit of research, but I finally discovered that the name has nothing to do with the blood spots on the carpet from the many beaten and boot-kicked animals that are brought there. Rather, it is named for the substantially large endowment the hospital received from those very famous animal philanthropists Spot and Boots.

Despite Mary's belief in the innocence of animals and the dire medical attention required by this one, she spends 47 minutes removing the wire basket from her bicycle rather than just picking the dog up and carrying him inside in her arms. When it comes to dog germs, one cannot be too careful.


birdlady said...

We do not get a good look at this beagle, but the obvious costume on the last "dog" was meant to give us a clue:

This is not a real dog either.

I suspect that this is Aldo, who has finally found a way to win Mary's heart.

Anybody who has read Sherlock Holmes knows that a fall down a sheer cliff does not necessarily mean death, no matter what we are told by the authorities. Aldo is very much alive.

I don't know how he will manage to get through the verterinary exam without being discovered, but this looks like a second-rate establishment anyway.

wanders said...

Aldo returns? Dream on! One can only hope. But maybe it isn't a costume. Maybe it's Aldo reincarnated.