Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mary Worth 54

"Yes, I'll return in the morning, but let me go ahead and leave a blank check for you to write in whatever amount you want. Ah, heck, go ahead and take my Mastercard."


birdlady said...

I'm finding it hard to keep my attention on the fast-moving plot of this storyline because I'm being hypnotized by Mary's morphing neckware.

At first, it just seemed to be sliding around her neck, but now it's changed shape and has grown longer.

I'm hoping it will be a nice pair of suspenders when it's fully grown.

Drak said...

The X-ray isn't even a skeleton. I think I know the dog's problem. No bones.

birdlady said...

I think that vet looks suspiciously like Clark Kent.

If so, he didn't need any stinkin' X-ray.