Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mary Worth 58

Mary, in that book you're reading, did anything in the title even remotely suggest that you might try looking for the little children who lost their dog - er, excuse me: Your dog?

Either Mary Worth is such a huge David Spade fan that she reads the novelizations of extremely mediocre movies, or I'm thinking this is the book that Karen Moy is hoping to promote:

However, I can't find a character named Chester in it. The dog in this book is named Cooper, or Lloyd, or something like that.

We shall see if a Mary Worth endorsement carries the same weight as the Oprah Book Club. We shall see.

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birdlady said...

Very strange.

I know that Chester is a cat in the Bunnicula series, but that might not be much help.

Unless the dog is going to help her discover that Toby is a vampire. That would be a fun plot twist.

The dog is looking really cute today.