Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mary Worth 62

Focus, Mary. Focus!

I'd say Mary's beginning to bond just as I'd hoped. But at unpredictably unhealthy levels! She's becoming disoriented and obsessed. But when the little child is reunited with Chester, we all know Mary's psychotic obsession will fade like Dawn Weston's obsession for Drew Cory. Do you think Mary will slap Chester a good one?

You know, Mary. You can always get your own dog.


Anonymous said...

Beagle Dog? As opposed to what? Beagle Fish? Beagle cow?

Biscuit Carroll said...

Is the dog male? Its sex organs have been obscured so far; just chance I suppose. I'm reasonably sure "Toby" is a boy's name. Also a good name for a dog, though that would cause confusion in this instance.

BaHa said...

Went to school with a couple of Toby girls, so it's perhaps not that unusual.