Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mary Worth 66

For the last two days, Mary Worth has been tormenting her boy friend, Dr. Jeff Corey, with innuendo about her new "male house guest," leaving him so enraged we could actually see his "!" over the phone.

I can only assume, dear reader, Jeff slammed down the phone and has sped over to Charterstone to reclaim his woman. His twisted grin barely masks his insane, burning jealousy, which Mary, Ha-Ha, finds quite endearing. After the bodies fall, the joke sure will be on him. Ha Ha.

1 comment:

birdlady said...

But why did he put on his leprechaun jacket?
At least, if he was going ot do that, he should have worn the whole leprechaun suit. As it is, his jacket clashes badly with his pants.

I also wonder about that aura he has about him. Perhaps whatever it is could explain his strange expression. He should have been able to work up a manly mad jaw clenching grimace if his girl is entertaining other gentlemen. Instead, he has a goofy smile and a blank stare. Is it drugs? Is he a zombie?

If Mary had any brains, she'd be very afraid.