Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mary Worth 79

I've been struggling all morning to comprehend this panel. Mary apparently attempts to restrain Chester from barking silently at the chihuahua. Meanwhile, Mean Lady recoils her retractable leash and dangles her dog in the air like some sort of doomed piƱata.

I can see a number of ways this story line will develop, but they all end up with Mary baking a pie.

Edited to add: And who is this dark-haired lady? Could it be Evil Mary Worth from a parallel universe that has suddenly crossed through the time-space continuum? In our dimension, Charterstone is a simple condominium apartment building full of bumbling simpletons. In the other, Charterstone is an asylum for the insane, and Evil Mary Worth is some sort of Nurse Ratched who rules the roost with electric shock therapy instead of tuna casserole.

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birdlady said...

Mary's right arm movements are definitely cryptic. Either she is flailing around helplessly, or she is spanking the leash.

I doubt that either of those options are the course of action recommended by Doctors Spot and Boots.