Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mary Worth 103

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Willem Dafoe.

Now, I admit that there are many things that I can write about this strip, and many things that I'm sure will be written about this strip on the Tawdry Internets. But in keeping with my commitment to keep Mary Worth family friendly, despite Karen Moy's and Joe Giella's efforts to the contrary, I'll simply say that if Vera isn't engaged to her brother Von, that he looks close enough to still creep me out.

If Drew had only known how much Vera loves the color yellow, he might have had a shot. The only man better dressed is Christopher McLucky Magill the Ginormous Leprechaun in the top panel who's about to get a swift elbow to the groin.


Tom said...

William finally comes to defend Vera's honor by challenging Drew to fisticuffs.

Biscuit Carroll said...

I like that the word "Enjoy" is visible on the wall poster.