Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mary Worth 105

Vera is the most passive aggressive girl friend I've ever seen. Yesterday it was, "You know I don't like surprises." Today it's, "As if we don't see enough of each other already." In other words, "Get lost bub." I can't tell who Vera is trying to make jealous, but someone is being played. "Ryan Harris, meet Drew Corey, Doctor Drew Corey. And he really knows how to dress."


birdie said...

It's all a sick game Vera is playing. Drew has never met Von, has he? So he is the perfect choice for a phony boyfriend to make Drew jealous. And Von owes Vera for his former creepiness so he's probably glad to do it.

I still don't know if she wants Drew back, or if she just wants to hurt him, though. Maybe she wanted him until she got a look at that jacket.

Tom said...

In the first panel, I think Drew may have made a bad impression in front of Vera when he holds his right hand up for Ryan to kiss. Also his left hand is strangely clenched.

In the second panel, look closely how Ryan is forcing Vera's left hand on the table as though he too is afraid of her lashing out. Meanwhile Drew's left hand remains strangely clenched. Is he still in pain from her last slap?

Finally, where did Ryan's coffee come from?