Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mary Worth 110

Woah. Woah. Woah... Please do not discuss this. Please don't make me sit through Vera explaining the nuances of Hello Kisses, of letting Drew know that she's no longer repulsed by his very essence, but it doesn't mean she wants to see the stars and ride smallish horses with him. I'd rather listen to Drew continue to talk about himself and how sad he is.

Toonhead has been keeping track of how long it has been since we've seen Mary Worth. I think we're on day 7,437. Maybe 7,436. But it feels like 7,437. This new topic of discussion should probably keep us locked inside the Junction Road Cafe, with its rotating walls, spinning tables and polka-dot motifs, for at least another year or two.

Bring back Mary! Bring back Mary!


Tom said...

Again, pain mixed with strange abound. In the first panel, Drew's left hand disappears, doing something causing Vera's right hand to jerk to her chest. However, in the second panel, Drew (who again is toothless)has somehow secured possession of her purse. And if you look very carefully, you will see the man behind Drew take the purse and move on.
The second strange thing, shows the effect of donuts on Vera. In the first panel she appears svelte. In the second, her rump rises uncontrollably.
As to the story line, I'm a little confused. She broke with him, what- six months ago?- and then calls him in for "closure"?
I knew a girl like that in college. She was creepy. Vera is creepy.

birdie said...

I think the cafe is getting to be anxious to see them leave too. They are taking up a table for much too long for the glasses of milk they bought.

And Drew seems to have elbowed that guy behind him. Maybe we'll see a fight.

Maybe Mary will have to show up to stop the fight. She'll say, "This has to stop right now! Capisce?"

JLH said...

Thank you for the "Mr. Rogers and Me" link.

Tom said...

Oh Drew, Drew. Haven't you noticed? Vera kisses everybody! She's the most popular girl in the donut shop. Depending on which panel you're looking at, there is at most, seven donuts for sale, yet, the place is humming with humanity. Or is it just humming because of Vera?