Monday, February 11, 2008

Mary Worth 115

Well, this oughtta be good! That guard rail is looking awfully flimsy. I'm not sure it would hold up to an entire bottle of scotch. After Aldo Kelrast drove off the very same cliff in 2006, I knew they'd put up a barrier, but I thought it would be just a little bit sturdier.


birdie said...

This definitely looks to be a Kelrast moment, but wasn't there supposed to be an intervention first? If he starts muttering about naysayers, he's doomed.

I'm kind of confused about time of day here. It seems bright enough out, but he's got those headlights going. Maybe he's trying to see through the fog in his head. Maybe he's having vision problems as a result of being in that spinning cafe for months.

Tom said...

Birdie makes a very interesting point about the time of day.
Drew left the building while it was still very bright outside.
Apparently he's been driving for hours and hours.
Finally he comes to a stop in a secluded area. What will he do? Meanwhile, an anonymous car slowly "cruises" by him...
Little horses, conflicting kiss signals, Dawn- now this.