Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mary Worth 117

This reminds me of an old religious tract my born-again cousin gave me when I was nine. It was a little comic book about a guy who failed to get into heaven, and so, although he could see the City of God and all its glory, he ended up burning in a cave of fire for eternity. The pamphlet had a little prayer written in it, and if you said the prayer, you would be saved from a similar fate. Did I say the prayer? Heck yes. I'm not stupid. I just wanted to cover my bases. Although, covering his bases by dating both Vera and Dawn is exactly how Drew got into this situation.

If Santa Royale is heaven, sign me up!

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to Burning Prairie at Comics Curmudgeon, I was able to track down more information on the religious tract I remembered (in case anyone thought I was just making it up). This Wikipedia article even has some of the art so you can compare. Here it is:
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who made this association!


birdie said...

I'm pretty sure that weird little glowing city isn't heaven.

What I don't understand is how this Drew and Vera saga is supposed to be any more interesting than the love trials and tribulations of people we see everyday. And we usually try to avoid those people, because we're sick of hearing about it, and because he got what he deserved.

So what makes this romance so special that it appears instead of our beloved Mary Worth in our favorite comic strip? Is it the tiny horses that made it so romantic? The weeks spent at the spinnning cafe? The clever outfits? The brilliant dialog?

It's got to be the stars.

Anonymous said...

Drew--just push a little bit harder on the rail, just a little bit more...yeah, that's it... and maybe, just maybe, you'll get just what you deserve!