Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mary Worth 119

You know in the bottom of the ninth when your team is one run behind with two men on and two outs, and up to the plate steps Chipper "The Babe" Mays who you just know is going to get the job done? Or when Polly Trueblood has been tied to the railroad tracks by Dastardly Dick Diamond for not paying her mother's rent, but over the hill comes Will Goodheart just in the nick of time? Or when the wagons are circled and the Indians (pissed off by European encroachment and Manifest Destiny) are showering the settlers with burning arrows, but in the distance you hear the trumpet call of the Calvary, ready to slaughter the brutal -- okay, that's not such a good example. Never mind. But you get my point!

Here comes Mary to hit one out of the park! Here comes Mary to stop the train at the last second! Here comes Mary to teach the White Man to live in harmony with American Indians and organize a weekly cultural exchange program whereby both races can learn to respect the customs of the other and live in peace without destroying the land.

Here comes Mary in full meddle mode ready to save the day!

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birdie said...

I'm just glad to see Mary again. Since she started those rejuvenation meds, it makes me nervous to have her out of our sight for too long. She might have regressed to childhood. Or maybe worse, adolescense.