Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mary Worth 121

Today's installment makes me happier than happy. The thought of Drew actually helping others as a doctor is nobler than noble. Rather than just doing it for the chicks and cool cars, or to help third-world children, he'd actually be doing it to get rid of his feelings of self-loathing, which is almost humane-er than humane.


Anonymous said...

Sotto Zombie Blanco: "More humane than humane..."

JLH said...

Gee, they both look animated now! Dr. Jeff barely had a pulse before -- I guess he was so upset over Drew.... I know -- now Mary will go overseas WITH them!!! (No?? You don't think she can leave her important work at Charterstone?)

wanders said...

LOL. You may want to use "quotes" when referring to Mary's "work." But excellent use of exclamation points!!! I should probably use them more myself! And while we're on the subject of grammar -- although I don't know what Sotto Zombie Blanco means (quiet white zombie?), I do know the proper comparison form of humane... I just thought it was more funnier this way. :0) Thank you both for your comments! (Exclamation point sincere!)