Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mary Worth 124

Dr. Drew Corey always makes sure his pants match his hair.Now, be honest. Did you laugh and laugh like me when you read the above? And it wasn't a cynical laugh either. It was just a delighted giggle about every single element of today's strip.

Jeff's continuing obsession with his nebulous fund raising campaign. Drew's melodramatic entrance. The notably small word balloons when we've grown accustomed to some seriously stretched-out speeches lately. The looks of utter shock on Jeff and Mary's faces at an extremely predictable plot twist. There's still something characteristically self-aggrandizing in Drew's statement, "I want to help," and I can't help but expect him to say next: "It's just the thing that will help me forget Vera and what a fool I've been."

Ah, yes. It felt good to laugh at Mary Worth again.


JLH said...

Well, I'm just speechless -- there's so much great stuff here. You know, I might have to retire from work so I can give this strip its due.... (Or not read the blog at work ... but I can't wait!)

birdie said...

I like the tiny Dr Jeff in the first panel.

Somehow, I've missed all of his fundraising. What is he doing? If he's doing it all online, why does he have to be in America, under Mary's watchful eye, to do it?