Monday, March 3, 2008

Mary Worth 129

Oh! Oh! Oh! Pool Party!!! Pool Party!!! I totally didn't expect this! It's only March!! Usually, the Pool Party doesn't happen until the summer!!

So now we've come full circle. The Charterstone Pool Party, where Drew hit on two women within minutes of each other and ended up breaking both their hearts, an act that ultimately dumped His Hairness in Vietnam. While I can already spot Wilbur Weston and Ian Cameron (Professor Chin Beard, who has not been featured in Mary Worth since before the launch of this blog last June), the two Charterstone residents who I really hope will attend and bond are Vera Shields and Dawn Weston.

Now, get a plate of pretzel sticks and some round things and a glass of catsup and relax! It's the best party of the year.


birdie said...

It's a pretty lame pool party. Certainly nobody is dressed for the pool.

There doesn't seem to be much food either. That plate of cookies isn't going to go far- Toby's already snatched about a third of them, and that kid is probably going to finish them off. (I don't blame the kid. He's probably bored to death.)

I see that nobody is digging into the bowl of leftover dog food that Mary contributed.

So Mary hasn't informed Toby of any of this until it is a done deal? That has sort of a ring of conspiracy to me. Was she afraid Toby might tell Drew he had other options?

hemingway complex said...

omg! over at the hemingway complex, we are also v. v. excited about this pool party! love the prof's weird blazer! that's what the hemingway complex always wears to a pool party! i didn't know that weird mini-adult from a few days/weeks/months ago lives at charterstone! i hope he's featured in the next adventure.