Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mary Worth 132

I'm going to skip the circuitous illogic of Mary's response for a moment and offer my own good advice to Mary: Stop being such an arrogant busy body. Pride cometh before the fall, Mary. Pride cometh before the fall.

I really, really hope this is a set up for a new story where Mary ends up destroying someone's life because she's too busy to consider whether or not the advice she's giving is actually good. But alas, I worry it is simply denouement to the Vera and Drew storyline reminding us that even though she couldn't hook them up, she does have a "track record."

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Anonymous said...

Dear God! Such self-preeneing!

Let's see, Mary forces

(1)the sons of others to their presumed death on foreign shores.

(2)people who shouldn't marry to get married.

(3)people who don't/shouldn't have children to have children, and then leave the scene of the crime once the children arive--after all, the kid isn't *her* responsibility!

Mary Worth: The Republican's Republican