Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mary Worth 149

Happy Easter.

For those who are new to this blog, or perhaps even new to Mary Worth, I thought that I'd help you catch up by printing Mary's story so far. It's really very good, and I'm thinking of using it as an audition piece if I ever return to the theatre. At the very least, I hope to perform it on YouTube, the People's Theatre. And now, without further introduction...

Mary's Story So Far
A monologue

To quote a wise person, “Kindness is my true religion.” But when I look back on my past I know [my compulsion to help others] is more than that… You know, it’s fascinating how our experiences shape who we are in so many ways! Something happened in my past! Something I’ve never forgotten! I have a story to tell you! It’s really not out of the ordinary to look back sometimes! We’re all in the same boat, really! I’m not alone when I say that something happened in my childhood that shaped who I am today! I usually don’t speak about my past, because I like to live in the present! But you asked where I get my compulsion to help others, so I’ll tell you a story! You know, I wasn’t always as you see me today! Remember, things are not always what they seem! I went through a difficult time as a child, before my mother remarried and circumstances improved! My father was out of the picture early on! This forced my mother to look for work, and left me to fend for myself! I was a child of a broken home who had no one to properly take care of me! My mother did her best! Unfortunately, it often wasn’t enough! Whose to say why things happen the way they do? We grow in character because we struggle. We learn and overcome. I used to go to sleep without dinner. Hungry for food… for love… most of all, for a feeling of self worth! Later on, things improved! But not before I went to bed hungry for more nights than a child should have to bear! There were times in my childhood, when I felt unloved, and unworthy! It wasn’t only due to the lack of food or money, either! [My mother] wasn’t a consistent presence in those days! Still, I hoped things would change! It’s been said, “Suffering produces endurance… and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” Luckily, I had my friend, Cathy. She didn’t care that my clothes were more than a little worn. We played as kids do. We used to talk and laugh and delight in the insignificant. Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things. Sometimes we didn’t talk. Friendship needs no words. Despite having a friend, the feeling of being lowly and unworthy persisted. I tried to pretend I was the same as other kids, but at home I faced cold hard reality. There’s more to my story. As I said before, something happened that was a turning point for me. It raised me up. Made me feel differently about myself. As I was saying, when I was with my friend Cathy, she made me feel better as friends often do. With her I felt like a normal little girl, instead of a neglected child in a broken home. At my house it was a different story. Having her as a friend almost made the long days and nights more bearable. Almost...

To be continued!


Toonhead said...

I might read this next time my church has a coffeehouse - an evening of reading poetry and music.

wanders said...

If you do, please tape it. I'd love to see it performed. I hope to extend it as the story progresses. How long are your church's coffees?

shandyowl said...

As a relative newcomer to Mary Worth I am astonished at people who slate it for being boring.

I find every frame seething with mystery, emotion and anticipation; redolent with implications of what is going on out of frame.

You can turn it into whatever you so desire; personally I like to think that all the other characters are mere pawns in Mary's game and her helpful advice is used to encourage a course of action in accordance with her overall masterplan.

Why exactly was she so keen for Drew to go to Vietnam? Heroin smuggling to fund her other operations?

There could be ninja assassins stalking her at this very moment but they would be too well concealed to be visible in-frame.

I don't want to reveal too much but when I see Mary I think Illuminati.

Toonhead said...

The coffeehouses usually last about a couple of hours. Might have to add a slideshow to the reading.

hemingway complex said...

hwow. so awesome!