Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mary Worth 186

Here's something to remember:
I have to admit I find Ron and Richie's unrestrained and irrational rage refreshing after years of Mary's bitter passive aggression.


shandyowl said...

Those crazy Amalfi boys, always fighting over which one of them is the bigger jerk.
"I am!"
"No! It's me!"

Their mother is probably to blame for playing favourites, giving Ron the vibrant red clothes while Richie was left with muted earthy tones, forever overlooked. Doubtless this resentment is what drove him to succeed in business to the detriment of all other aspects of his life.

We can take some small satisfaction in seeing her in her deathbed, finally getting what was coming to her.

Wanders: with regard to your previous comment the Free Secret messages are indeed an integral part of MWAM. There are many secret things and many free things but you deserve kudos for having the foresight to combine the two into one great package. Only Amsterdam with its legal drugs and prostitution comes close to matching your acumen.

spike said...

shandyowl: Re: Donna's deathbed: Vicarious Schadenfreude! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! :-)

"The Boys" ought to close ranks and prepare for--Yikes!--"the return of Mary Worth". After asking after their mother, whom she can plainly see from her perch in the doorway, Mary's sure to "invite" R & R back to Charterstone for some "casserole" (and those of us who've been keeping up with the story line know that Mary happened to purchase a fifty-pound bag of dog food for Chester [which she couldn't donate to a local shelter once it was opened]).

Wanders: Think it's time to have another panel count of "Mary Worth Minus Mary Worth"? These two lugs appear to have the capacity for a bloviathon of their own [complete with numerous hand gestures, fake punches, bad dance steps, etc.] or long-running panels of their own reminiscences--which they can compare to Mary's own sad tale of youth once Mary rears her head to meddle in their family affair...the possibilities are endless!

wanders said...

Shandyowl, I thought about charging for the Secret Messages, but then thought "What would Mary do."

Spike, the Mary Worth-less (Missing Mary) daycount was courtesy of Toonhead at A Perfect World.

spike said...

Wanders: DUH...! Thanks. I'd seen the link some time ago at the Comics Curmudgeon blog, but thought it was to this site.

[BTW, thanks for the anger/danger note today. I can use that as yet another example of "fractured English" when I'm instructing ESL students--note that the "g" is "hard" in "anger" but "soft" in "danger" (as well as "ranger", "manger" and "changer").]

wanders said...

Sure thing, Spike. This blog is nothing if not educational.

Anonymous said...

Did Ron just bitch slap his brother?