Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mary Worth 191

Ron carries a lot of weight on those shoulders. It is tough being the oldest son. I speak from experience. When you're the oldest son, like me and Ron, you really do feel responsible for everything. It's rough... My siblings have no idea how rough it is. They'll never understand what Ron and I go through.

But, you also learn at a very early age to make the kitten eyes. And that usually takes care of everything. Ron definitely understands how the kitten eyes work.


rover amalfi said...

Wait, is she a fighter pilot?

shandyowl said...

Ron has learned that it is all about absolution; why try and live a good life and strive to be a better person when you can do whatever the heck you please so long as you pretend to be sorry afterwards?

Donna may be about to die but for Ron that doesn't matter so long as she tells him that he doesn't need to feel guilty.

I have completely lost track of which Amalfi brother is which. Did they swap jackets or hair or names at some point?

Travis said...

:sniffle sniffle:

You are SO right! We eldest siblings bear the weight of the world on our shoulders... or at least we feel that way.

Ron speaks for all of us this Mother's Day. (Does that mean I don't have to send a card?)

spike said...

shandyowl: Your level of cynicism (re: absolution) approaches my own. Well done!

travis: Send the card anyway--then you won't have to worry about absolution later on. ;-)

BTW I am the oldest of four sibs. I do my thing, they do theirs, and we all generally get along.

Anonymous said...

Ah, jeez. Are they gonna kill Momma Donna off on Mother's Day? I freakin' bet they're gonna kill Momma Donna off on Mother's Day. The weepy violins will be deafening. And the guilt!

The guilt ...

Mary'll have a field day with it.

She will eat the guilt, my friends. Devour it from the ether upon which it resides, lap it longingly out of the air with her perfect pink tongue and savor it, a fantastic psychic feast for her inner meddling beast.

And then, newly-empowered, she'll sweetly point out all the things Ron should have done to be a good boy. Instead of the monster he obviously was. There will be lists.

Or is that Richard? Who the heck can tell.