Friday, May 16, 2008

Mary Worth 201

Just one question: Whose hand is that? My guess, it belongs to Richie who is angry that he's practically been written out of the story and is trying to sneak his way back into the picture.

Notice that Mary doesn't do anything to alleviate Ron Amalfi's guilt. In fact, she won't rest until she can add to it.

Well, I've got a plane to catch. I'm on my way to Chicago to mourn Donna Amalfi at the Amalfi hotel. My wife tells me I better not spend very much time on the computer, so I've been trying to figure out a way to sneak posts onto my blog using my cell phone, but Blogger's mobile feature doesn't seem to be working (at the very least, I'll post a few times to Twitter). Whether I'm able to blog or not, this trip is about overcoming grief, which I totally expect to do!

Buddy Guy's Legends blues club, Second City and the Art Institute will all help.


shandyowl said...

Yes, it is difficult to tell whether Ron is making a dramatic hand gesture or Mary is moving in with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

boojum said...

Why does no one understand the disembodied hand? It's called a metaphor, people!!

Part of its power, of course, is its very inpenetrability to narrow analysis. Clearly, it's Mary's hand (tomb-cold, bloodless, emanating a faint scent of Estee Lauder's Knowing, our Lady's signature fragrance). But what is she about? Will she rub the back of her fingers ever so gently across Ron's manly jaw, causing his eyes slowly to close as one perfect tear escapes down his cheek? Will she give him the purple nurple he secretly longs for, a penance as insufficient as his own blasted attempts at love? Or will she merely wrench his face back round so that he is, once more, placing his attention on her, where it belongs? Only Mary knows for certain.

More important is the fact that no human contact is, in fact, actually being made -- nor will it ever be. What exquisite finesse! What a perfect expression of Mary's whole identity! Always appearing to reach out to sufferers, but never truly making a human connection. All gesture; no joy. All compunction; no compassion. All a meddle – and all a muddle.

It is to make one weep.

wanders: I feel your pain. Go to the Amalfi, brave soldier. Find your answers. I've been told that deep-dish pizza has healing power in its depths. And if you go to the Art Institute, stay away from the Hoppers -- all that chiaroscuro and lonely isolation, doomed souls trapped in the harsh glare of unforgiving light. Definitely too close to the bone, right now.

Anonymous said...

The hand ... is Donna's.

The power of meddling compels her corpse to rise and do Mary's unholy biddy bidding.

Tomorrow's Mary Worth: "When the finger of shame, stiffened by rigor mortis, strikes!"

shandyowl said...

anonymous: Yes! Mary who has previously only used he Powers of Meddling to bring death and destruction and desolation has now used those same Powers to Give Life!