Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mary Worth 203

Mary, stop shouting. It's still a funeral.Yes, and because she's dead. That also may be why she seems at peace.

In response to Mary Worth's observation, made about twelve times, that Donna Amalfi was a remarkable woman, Ron Amalfi gives the performance of a lifetime. If they gave Acadamy Awards to comic strip characters (that would be AWESOME), Ron would walk away with Best Guest Artist Ever. We've seen his rage. We've seen his contrition. And now we've seen his manly tears of remorse - made all the more powerful by his smug cuticle check.

Yes, the Amalfi story has been a great one, and for those who have been following my real life adventure, the Amalfi Hotel has been equally great!

Mrs. Wanders and I came to Chicago to find solace for our loss (Well, my loss. Mrs. Wanders is a good sport when it comes to my blog. Especially if she gets a trip to Chicago out of it).

Second City helped a little on Day 1, but I woke up on Day 2, back in a funk. Even the Puppet Bike couldn't cheer me up.

We spent the entire day at the Art Institute of Chicago, which was a particularly rare treat since we didn't have kids slowing us down... or rather, speeding us up.

We didn't like the classical traditions, such as Manet ("Show me the Manet!"), but we loved the impressionists, like Monet ("Show me the Monet!"). However, something happened at the museum which was truly cathartic. We entered a gallery, and discovered several paintings by my second-favorite artist of all time, Marc Chagall (He used to be my first favorite, but Joe Giella knocked him down when I started to read Mary Worth). This painting, entitled "Birth" transformed my heart and mood.

As you can see, the painting depicts the moment after birth as only Chagall could portray it. As I gazed at the painting, I wept (and checked out my cuticles in a manly fashion), realizing that life is like a circle. We are born. We die. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life. I must take my place in the Circle of Life.

My spirits lifted, we headed over to Buddy Guys Legends, one of my favorite spots in Chicago, and the best blues club ever. We heard some great music. Chicago Blues Angels opened for Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials. We loved the Blues Angels - Brad Ber is the most amazing bass player I have seen (and Mrs. Wanders has a masters in bass (no joke), so I speak with at least a little perspective).

And then, Buddy Guy himself joined Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials for a song. The place rocked.

He even signed Mrs. Wanders' T-Shirt!

So thank you, Donna Amalfi for dying and bringing me here to Chicago. And thank you, dear reader, if you've read this massive blog entry. And our biggest thanks go to Ms. T & Ms. T for offering to watch our children "for the fun of it," which is what really inspired this entire trip. We have been blown away by your generosity! We return home tonight and things will be back to normal at Mary Worth and Me (more Mary, less me) tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ron appears to have three hands: one near his left shoulder, one holding his brimming glass of pure vodka, and one with an apparently awe-inspiring manicure worthy of tearful rejoicing.

Or maybe that's Just Mary continuing her seduction of the "young" buck.

Either way is about as good as a finger down the throat.

shandyowl said...

Is it at all appropriate that Ron appears to be the only one who is not even pretending to feel sad about Donna's death?

If I am not very much mistaken, Mary is going to encourage the brothers to bond through the means of a menage a trois.

To continue the theme of inappropriateness - Mrs Wanders is a fox, you sly old dog you!

JLH said...

Ah, Chicago...! i was there only one weekend of my life so far, one summer when Cleveland was burning in the late '60s. Chicago is where I had my first tamale ever, from a street vendor. Was it good? yes! Was it a REAL tamale? i dunno. Chicago is where I'd love to be right now, seeing the Winslow homer exhibit! And where at one time you could go see "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" by Dave Awl and his compatriots. (Google "Dave Awl" or "Ocelopotamus" to see how smart Chicagoans are and what else is goiung on up there). Thanks for the real pictures of you and Mrs. "W"! (Careful punctuation be hanged.)

bats :[ said...

Chicago rocks! Glad that you finally had the time to enjoy the Art Institute, too. (I used to get dragged through the Field Museum at high speed by impatient I understand.)
R.I.P. Donna