Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mary Worth 206

Boy, if you thought Jeff was jealous of Chester the Dog, you ain't seen nothing yet. But don't worry, Jeff; she doesn't want to date Ron Amalfi. She just wants to adopt him.


shandyowl said...

Aaaaaaaah, Chester! Sweet Chester! Gone but never to be forgotten.

Even though Karen Moy never answered my letter asking for his return I still dream that he will bustle his way back into the strip and our hearts.

Drew can rot in Vietnam for all I care but every moment without Chester is an eternity of longing.

Eternity being something that Mary knows all about with her 10 minute conversations that take 6 months to print, two lifeless frames at a time.

I love you Mary but just think how much more I would love you if Chester were by your side.

Remote though the possibility is, I would like to think that Mary is playing the long game: Mary will drop Ron if Jeff kidnaps Chester and brings him back and Drew will smuggle back a couple of keys of heroin to plant one each on Rich and Ron to send them to the big house so that Jeff need never be jealous again. Sharing a cell for the rest of their lives will give them plenty of time to bond and I am sure that Mary participates in the Visitor Volunteer Program.

Anonymous said...

And what's with the "Bum boat"???? Did I miss something recently (as in, 8 months ago)? Is there an actual boat named "Bum"?

This is a matter of urgency, people. Please let me know!

Mollie said...

The "Bum Boat" is a restaurant -- the only restaurant in the greater Charterstone area, unless you count the donut shop where Vera and Dr. Drew had their awesome meetup. I'd tell you more about it, but then Wanders would have to censor this comment. (That is also why I'm refraining from discussing Ron's protracted "grief," as difficult as that is for me.)

spike said...

People, people! This is the perfect opportunity for Dr. Jeff to instigate a "meddle intevention" for Mary--complete with the cast from Charterstone! [And with any luck, a "special guest appearance" by Dr. Drew himself!]

And if Dr. Jeff breaks things off, just wait for the big "Mary and Dr. Jeff Reunion" in about 5-7 years. About two months in the Worthiverse will have transpired by then.

wanders said...

Surely we can discuss the Bum Boat like mature adults and not stoop to adolescent insinuation. I'm sure I don't see what's so funny about naming Santa Royale's finest seafood restaurant, "The Bum Boat."

If you click on the Dr. Jeff Corey label and scroll down, Mary and Jeff ate at the Bum Boat in blog entries :#70-72 to discuss Chester the Dog. They also took Drew there last October to discuss the Vera/Dawn problem, but I didn't blog as frequently back then and may have missed it.

Aw, yes, the Bum Boat. Mary and Jeff's favorite restaurant. Perhaps I should give it its own label. I was going to name this blog "The Bum Boat Blog," but Google said it didn't pass their decency standards.

wanders said...

Bum Boat Label added.

wanders said...

Mollie, you forgot about The Three Trees, where Drew took Dawn Weston and they first talked about "horseback riding."

jvwalt said...

Wow, Dr. Jeff's compassion sure got used up in a hurry. Yesterday, he's encouraging Mary to meddle to her heart's content -- today, it's "We need to talk." Apparently, Mary can do whatever she wants, as long as it doesn't affect Dr. Jeff in the slightest.

He also got his arm off the back of the sofa right quick.

Mollie said...

I forgot about The Three Trees! Charterstone is full of romantic hot spots.

Anonymous said...

Did she say his breathing sounds contracted?