Monday, May 26, 2008

Mary Worth 210

While I completely agree with Jeff in substance, I've got to deduct 10 points for style. This is "persuasion?" "Do us both a favor and do exactly what I want." Huh? This must be where Drew got the idiot gene. While Jeff's rhetorical skills have much to be desired, he certainly has revealed his cards to Mary Worth. After all these years of feigning admiration for Mary's meddling, Jeff is probably going to find himself at a Bum Boat table for one. How convenient it will be when Mary, after spending the night in a tearful, resentful rage, runs to the arms of Ron Amalfi and goes on a Twista tirade about Jeff's lack of compassion and general narcissism.


shandyowl said...

Why would Jeff say or even think that?

Mary would crawl over burning coals while eating broken glass (or vice versa)just for the chance to get involved in another person's personal drama.

What a clumsy phrase, next we shall be hearing of an individual's individual crisis.

And the "yet again" is so very childish and completely uncalled for. One of the golden rules of arguing is that you should only dispute the case in point and not bring up past events.

spike said...

And to think that only a few days ago, Jeff was praising Mary for her counseling skills!

How far are we from a "Talk to the hand!" panel?

Gotta admit, I am enjoying this li'l tempest in a teapot.