Monday, June 2, 2008

Mary Worth 217

You know what would be AWESOME? If Jeff and Mary Worth took a mini-vacation to the Amalfi Hotel in Chicago like Mrs. Wanders and I did last weekend. Wouldn't that just creep Jeff out? "Uh, Mary, why'd you pick this hotel?" And she answers, "It was recommended on Mary Worth and Me." That would be awesome! (Separate rooms, of course, for Mary and Jeff.)


birdie said...

Mary is playing a very dangerous game. Freeing Jeff even briefly from her spider's web might allow him to see that there are other women out there.

Some of them are less than 100 years old.

Some of them might even care enough about him to have a real relationship. Poor Jeff, who has clearly told her that he wants marriage, has been forced to endure this endless platonic platitudinous relationship.

What happens when he sees that he can do better?

Anonymous said...

Mary's "taking a break" from Doctor Jeff because she's already drained all the life force from him that she currently can.

"Oh, Jeffy just needs a break to rejuvenate his essence so I can feed again. As they say in Hell, 'when out of the oven, meat / needs to rest before you eat'. Now: more tea, dear?"

shandyowl said...

Anonymous: So that is why Jeff has been visibly greying around the temples!