Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mary Worth 219

This is it: The Big Moment. Mary Worth has been waiting for weeks to find out just exactly how much Ron is inheriting.

I have to admit, when I first read this, I thought Mary was the one saying she had good news to share, i.e.: I dumped Jeff. I was disappointed when I figured out the first balloon was coming from the phone.

Somewhere down this lumbering storyline, there's going to be this moment when Jeff admits feeling jealous of Ron Amalfi. And if Mary even so much as hints that her feelings were completely altruistic and not romantic in the least, she deserves to burn in hell for eternity. Skin worms eating her flesh, eyeballs dangling from their sockets. Because that's what liars get.


jvwalt said...
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shandyowl said...

But Mary, what about your plans with Jeff?


During dinner will Ron remove his rubber mask revealing himself to be none other than Aldo who faked his own death then set up the elaborate feuding-siblings dying-mother scenario, knowing that Mary would be unable to resist meddling with all her might?

Or will events in actual fact unfold in a far more banal and turgid manner?

spike said...

Early Bird Special! Yeah!
Way to go, Ron!

Lindsey said...

Honestly, I hope that when they're out to dinner Mary spots Jeff with another woman. I'm still hoping the other woman is Vera.

Anonymous said...

The good news?

The hit on Dr. Jeff went off flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone! Mary told Jeff she was breaking their sailing/bumboat date because she had to meet with a grieving "friend". Now we discover she didn't even have a meeting planned! No, she dumped Jeff on the off chance that Ron might call - just like a love struck teenager. Adolescent behavior and lying - Mary, you disappoint!