Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mary Worth 245

Can you find the six differences in these two panels?


1) Mary's drapes are open; Ron's blinds are closed when he surfs the Internet.
2) Mary prefers vertical art; Ron's art is horizontal.
3) Mary likes a good wicker-back chair; Ron enjoys fake leather.
4) Mary dresses up for a phone call; Ron likes hanging out in a good cotton T.
5) Mary uses pen and paper to correspond; Ron uses a waffle iron.
6) Ron doesn't need dentures; Mary doesn't have teeth.

Now go enjoy the six differences game!


Anonymous said...

Ron's outfit suggests he just got through doing some speed work on his punching bag in the other room. He has that Jack Lalane look with the white T tucked tight in his pants. He can't be eating that wimpy fish crap, he needs red meat and a woman who likes to throw back a few while eatn' red meat. Maybe mix it up with some jerk in the parking lot afterwards. He hasn't thrown a good punch since he and his brother reconciled.

shandyowl said...

"I hope you won't hold that against me! Ha-Ha!"
"Hello? Hello? Mary? Are you there? I think we got cut off."

jvwalt said...

Again, I'm trying to imagine what "Mary Worth" would say to this small-minded, petty, inconstant Mary. Probably something about setting aside lovers' spats and menu incompatibilities and focusing instead on the truly important things.

As for Ron... suck it up, big guy! The Bum Boat may be a seafood place, and it may be located next to that icky water stuff, but I ain't never been to a seafood joint that didn't have steak on the menu. You can probably even get some A-1 Sauce if you ask real nice.

spike said...

Mary: But let me don't like sailing either.

Ron: No, Mary, I don't. I hate going out on open water, ever since Richie tried to drown me when we were kids. I've been seeing a therapist about this for years, but haven't made much progress. So, my dear, if we're going to be, as they say, an item, it just looks like you're going to have to sell your boat. Don't worry...I'm sure you'll get a good price for it, Doll.

Toonhead said...

jvwalt: Mary, like all biddies, cannot recognize their own petty behavior.

You forget the number one rule of biddiedom: Advice does not apply to self. Never.

I appreciate everyone's sympathies about my mother-in-law. Fortunately, her son was able to discern her behavior and came away with the lesson - be and do the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Ron: Sailing? Ha! I don't go out on the water in anything that dosn't have a motor and 100 gal. of diesel to get me where I want to be, and that's on land eaten some red meat.

Nathan said...

Oh, petty you are. You dumped Jeff for daring to question your Compulsion To Help Others (or CTHO for short)...and now you're going to dump Ron for not liking SEAFOOD?

Come now...the food at the Bum Boat can't be THAT good...can it?

Eats Shoots And Leaves said...

It occurs to me that calling Mary Worth a "biddy" is to insult perfectly nice hens everywhere.

I offer an alternative: "hagfish".

According to my Webster's (an extremely old edition as is fitting), a hagfish is "any of several slimy, eellike marine cyclostomes, the lowest existing craniate vertebrates, allied to the lampreys. HAGFISHES DEVOUR OTHER FISHES. (emphasis added)"

Well, this seems perfect for the old hag, considering her love of seafood.

Lindsey said...

@eats shoots and leaves-

More specifically, Hagfish devour other fish by attaching themselves to the fish with their mouth. They suck out the fish's innards while its still alive. Quite fitting for Mary.

Miss Emish said...

It took me a long, long time to remember that I had ever seen Mary on a boat. I believe the last time was when Dr.Corey, sr. announced his departure for 'Nam. I swear she wasn't on a sailboat though, but a motorboat.
I agree, jvwalt every seafood place has cow available. Of course, Ron never could have imagined that a casual comment about culinary preference would get him 86ed.

Miss Emish said...

Further comment! I am really enjoying that Mary and Ron both have the same facial expression. Their faces both say "oh...maybe this isn't such a good idea" and also a little disgust. The lip curl says it all.

Eats Shoots And Leaves said...


GROSS! and perfect.

Anonymous said...

Mary is upset because the flavor of the slow-acting poison she was going to begin introducing into Ron's unwitting system is masked best by fish.

Hang in there, Mary. That juicy Amalfi inheritance isn't going anywhere. Plenty of time to supplement your tried-and-true Black Widow's arsenal with some other, virtually undetectable 'sleeping aid'. And you still need that ring on your finger ... pace yourself, Mary. Deep breaths. Deep breaths ...

Anonymous said...

@ miss emish - yup, Mary and Ron's faces (and hair) and pretty much mirror images. Creepy.

JLH said...

Well, maybe by this late hour in the evening, tomorrow's episode is already out there in the cybersphere -- but I'd like to venture a prediction: this is the beinning of the end (though spinning that end out might take several days). Jeff's more Worth-y: less slick, more altruistic, ** likes seafood** and **boats,** has a flatter tummy, face is more care-ravaged but still sensitive and earnest -- Huh! Jeff's the man, no doubt about it, hey jinga-lay-o. Yeah man. Boop boop-a-doop,oh yeah, Bum-Boat Bum-Boat, uh uh uh.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Speaking as an expert on Six Differences (my blog is "I Found All Six") -- nice job.