Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mary Worth 249

Meanwhile, back at the Suburban Man Cabin, Dr. Jeff Corey indulges in some mental self-flagellation. One comment, though, Jeff: You may have been petty, you may have been unreasonable and proud. You may even have been stupid and male. But you were certainly not wrong. In fact, you were very, very right. Your girl friend was doing everything she could to spend as much time as possible with Ron Amalfi. She was deeply seduced by the power of his appointment to the town council. And although she claimed that their romantic dinner at La Rosa was all about friendship, the ache in her chest was not arthritis, nor pulmonary disease, but unrequited puppy love (although in dog years, she's like 408). No, Jeff, you may be a loser in every way humanly possible, but you were definitely not wrong.

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Lindsey said...

Gah, every storyline with Jeff is like this. He finally stands up to Mary, even if ungracefully, and I get my hopes up. Then the self-flagellation starts and he comes crawling back on his hands and knees saying that he is completely, 100% wrong and Mary could never, EVER do anything wrong. He's right every time, too. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! GOD!

shandyowl said...

Jeff deals with his heartache the only way any man can - by drinking heavily then getting mopey and weepy followed by an outburst of rage where he smashes the picture of Mary, accidentally starts a fire then passes out.