Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mary Worth 265

If any single question has plagued me this past week, it has been, "What musical duo does Mary Worth want to see?" As you know from my YouTube video, I was hoping for the Weepies, who actually do make beautiful music together, and do it in a far more superior manner than Mary Worth and Jeff Corey ("Blech"). But from the poster on the wall in the panel above (for quite a while I thought it was a door), it is clear that the group is the Dweebs. The name starts with a D and they're well known for their famously tiny guitar. They also dress like freaks. Oh when, oh when is fifth grader and coloring artist Beatrice Chestnut going to realize that denim just isn't that shade of blue?

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shandyowl said...

Holy cow! Another Jeff! This story keeps defying the odds and getting more and more amazing: has a Future Jeff come back to this time to save Now Jeff from spending the rest of his life with Mary (shudder)?; is it a shape-shifting alien?; was Jeff involved in some kind of illegal cloning program while he was supposedly doing charity work in Vietnam?; is it a sign that Santa Rosa is actually an advanced computer simulation like The Matrix or The Sims?; has Jeff been constructing and selling advanced medical androids and naturally modelled their appearance on his own? has Joe Giella become so bored drawing an endless series of bland dinner dates that he has lost the will to live and can no longer be bothered making the effort of drawing different faces for different characters?

Whatever the explanation I am sure that it will continue to enthrall us all as events unfold in a typically action-packed fashion.

I am so excited I cannot even concentrate on checking my spelling befroe I post!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, in the two panels that comprise this day's strip, this panel is actually the less creepy of the two.

And I don't think I'm wrong to demand that young colorist (and unicorn sticker enthusiast) Beatrice add a sixth color of clothing to the Worthiverse. Those five are getting kind of bland.

JLH said...

Oh I'm just caqtching up from a weekend unwired. And I have to say that Prussian Blue (a Discontinued Color, as you will discover if you visit the Crayola Factory (R in a circle, registered TM thingy here), was my crayon of choice for coloring the dungarees of the cowboys in MY cowboy coloring books when I was eight or ten and also a serious colorer. Of course, you shade it and vary it, but Prussian Blue it was. What is it now, I wonder? Got to check the crayons.