Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mary Worth 272

We're all feeling the pain at the pump, and the fact that Toby drives a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac that takes only the most refined fossil fuel, and she refuses to use the self-service lane... well, that's going to max out her card right there. Tonight, she'll weep, "Oh, Ian. I couldn't get you a special present to suit your particular tastes because I maxed out my credit card on lunch for Mary Worth and a tank of gas! Waaaah!"

Kudos to Pandagrandma who may have come closest to predicting our new storyline in yesterday's comments section.

Dear readers, your comments are almost always wonderful, even if they're just to tell me how great this blog is (in fact, those are the best). However, it is once again time for me to remind us all that this is a family friendly blog. Comical and lighthearted jests about pedophilia, human trafficking, pornography and other forms of miscreant behavior are best directed to one of my favorite blogs, the Comics Curmudgeon, where they will be greatly appreciated. I'm not trying to lose your readership, or your commentary, it's just that several families are reading this blog - bizarre families, but families nonetheless. Please, do it for the children.

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Mollie said...

Oh, she was so gracious about treating Mary to lunch a few hours ago, but look at her grumbling now. "Stupid Mary Worth couldn't even pay her own way. Lets me buy her stew and dessert. I'd like to see her buying a gift for her husband online... Oh, right, she doesn't HAVE a husband."

Anonymous said...

Wanders - I'm not sure if I should be offended or proud of you describing my famimly as bizarre. We're just trying to find a little joy each day and it doesn't get any better than Mary Worth and your blog.

wanders said...

Anon. I meant it as a compliment, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Poor, neckless Toby. At $40/gallon, your card sure is getting a workout!

Maybe Toby should have sprung for the extras on that car. Like, you know, a dashboard.

Ben said...

Hi There! Long time lurker. Just want to tell you how much I enjoy this blog - almost as much as I enjoy (insert some comical and lighthearted jest about pedophilia, human trafficking, pornography and other forms of miscreant behavior).

As far as this story line is concerned - yesterday I kind of thought she was going to go home and find out her husband was looking at dirty things on the internet.

The creepy looking gas station attendant has done little to change my mind.

shandyowl said...

Ian has particular tastes? In other words if he does not get exactly what he wants he will whine and go in the huff like a big fat pompous baby with a ridiculous beard.

Anonymous said...

I alwasy assumed that Charterstone was out West, but perhaps its is New Jersey, where they don't have self-service (and usually have the cheapest gas in the Country)