Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mary Worth 293

Aha! New plot: Toby retiles her kitchen floor. We'll spend the first week watching her pull up the old tile.

Week two: She'll sand down the left over grout.

Week three: Toby will lay down 1/2-inch cement board.

Week four: Toby discovers that she needs to adjust her floor boards to accommodate her new floor height. And she remembers to seal the edges to prevent water damage.

Week five: She starts to lay down the grout and tile using her spacers to help create a tasteful, artistic pattern.

Week six: Toby gets out her wet-saw and cuts the edge pieces to fit.

Week seven: We watch the grout dry.

Week eight: Mrs. Toby L. Cameron seals the grout and checks her answering machine.

Today's Full Strip.


Anonymous said...

Given the manner in which space-time is warped in Santa Royale, it's entirely possible for it to take fourteen weeks for Toby to go on an afternoon's errand run, yet take her only one panel to entirely re-tile a kitchen.

It's like magic, only not entertaining.

escaperabbit said...

I think my grandparents owned this exact same answering machine in 1986.

Mollie said...

If Toby loves Ian so much she can't stand to be away from him for 3o minutes, why didn't she go with him to Chicago, for the love of pete? He begged! She turned him down over and over! And now she's whimpering about their being apart! Women are just so fickle. No wonder Ian is constantly disdainful and sarcastic.

But today's strip raised an even bigger question for me: Toby is an artist? What kind of "art" does she make? Why have I not heard about this before?

Maude Findlay said...

Isn't Toby's full name Victoria? Wouldn't the bank be calling her by her full name? There are so many odd things about this storyline. As for the kitchen floor being tiled, I'm guessing that we'll see Toby make a trip to Home Depot, where her credit card will be declined for being maxed out, when she tries to purchase tile and supplies. I'm guessing she'll shrug it off, and use another card. The suspense is KILLING me!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can't remember all those crazy mixed-up letters that you have to remember to spell 'Victoria'? Maybe everyone in Santa Royale knows her four-letter limit and has adjusted accordingly?

Does she have any friends with names longer than four letters?

Michael in Indy said...

Toby specializes in miniature, according to this website:

Anonymous said...

OK, I can see Toby sewing some curtains or knitting a throw or even refinishing a piece of furniture. But re-tiling the kitchen floor???? How does Moy come up with this stuff?? I tell ya, it's gotta be damn hard work to author something this bad. The challenge to top her awfulness has to be tremendous. Maybe in the future we will see Toby putting on vinyl siding, adding a bathroom and building a deck. Maybe she'll guest host "This Old House." I truly believe that Moy takes a great deal of pleasure in messing with us. Reading Mary Worth is kinda like sitting through a Slim Whitman CD. You don't really want to and it is embarassing but you just can't help it. You gotta see what comes next.

Uncle Lumpy said...

The floor tiling is probably so the author can deduct the cost of her own kitchen floor as "research." I bet Mary's trip to Vietnam worked the same way.

Uncle Lumpy said...

Waitaminute Toby "L." Cameron? What's the "L" for?