Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mary Worth 296

"I better not call my bank back. This sounds like some kind of scam to get me to reveal my credit card number over the phone."

Today's Full Strip.


shandyowl said...

Finally it all begins to make sense:

* Mary ushers Drew off to Vietnam because he is the only one with enough nous to understand the "the internet" and warn Toby about the dangers of e-fraud.

* Mary invites Toby out to lunch and takes a note of her credit card details when Toby pays for the Salad, Stew & Dessert before rushing off to "handle" her "paperwork" at "home"

* Once Ian is safely out of the way at his Fat Blowhard Idiots Conference, Mary uses Toby's credit card details to buy lots of mauve and lilac garments (and perhaps some ZAF t-shirts), thus bankrupting Toby and forcing her to endure the same poverty that Mary suffered as a child.

*Mary then makes dinner for a hungry Toby, earning her gratitude and showing her the reward of "helping" others through sanctimonious meddling.

*Toby is so moved that she unwittingly becomes Mary's Dark Apprentice.

Anonymous said...

"If Ian were here, I bet he'd have thoughts n' stuff!"

Lindsey said...

Toby is SO DUMB. I don't want to state the audience, but God. It's strip after strip of her being a complete idiot.

maconmemad said...

Oh brother. Unless a character is supposed to be a complete moron, the writers should take better care in their portrayal of the characters. They're throwin' poor Toby under the bus, she's sounding like a complete goof ball...Oh...that is intentional? Sorry, sorry, my bad.

Mary, Quite Contrary said...

I'm pretty certain that Toby lived in a closet until she met Ian. Or maybe she just sprang one day from his brain. Perhaps she's robot that he made from spare parts.

Regardless, she certainly is not wise in the ways of the world (or anything else for that matter).

pandagrandma said...

As my brother likes to say, Toby is one of the Stepford Wives -- She is under the control of a brain-implanted microchip and has become a bland, unnatural, domestic version of herself.

Also note how she is kind of half in and half out of the black-and-white comic world today in panel 2.

Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY with the 'robot' theory, Mary Contrary.

I look forward to Toby's tortured, rudimentary, downward AI logic spiral ('They stole my identity but if they stole my identity then I do not have an identity but if I do not have an identity then I do not exist but if I do not exist then I cannot be thinking about existing but ...').

Ian will arrive home to a semi-molten Tobybot, spewing smoke and sparks from her skull orifices. And he will take her tenderly, and he will cradle her, and sob quietly into her nylon hair ...

Eats Shoots And Leaves said...

Shooting Panel 2:

Toby: "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Giella."

Giella: "Hold up the purse and the card, you idiot! They're out of frame!"

Toby: "Sorry, Mr. Giella. Ah, umm ....line?"