Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mary Worth 299

"Someone bought me a house? I've always wanted to live in Canada!"

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pandagrandma said...

Toby is so distraught she must have cut herself with her tile saw! Poor baby! At least she was able to find her box of Comic Strip Edition Band-Aids. I see she picked the "Woodstock" one. Cute!

Amber said...

Is the side of her hand really saying expletives?

djangosmom said...

first I thought what the heck is grandma talking about. I didn't see a bandaid. When I looked again, sure enough it was the oval on Toby's hand with a comment from the Woodstock, Snoopy's friend in Peanuts. PG, you are so observant. I am just glad that something is finally happening in the strip. BTW,This is unrelated to the 'action' today but I was wondering if Ian's trip was to the Republican Convention in Minnesota.

pandagrandma said...

A Blowhard Convention indeed!

Anonymous said...

Two days in a row, artist Joe Giella draws the same background in the same place instead of its normal behavior of leaping about nonsensically from frame to frame.

I think there's a drinking game in all this. Two shots of Mary Worth's Authentic Fermented Prune Juice every time Giella gets the background right twice in a row. To make it look crooked again.

Every time Toby misunderstands something that is explained to her in simple, clear terms, it's a shot of rum, which rhymes with "dumb".

Prepare to get plastered, people.