Monday, September 22, 2008

Aldo Kelrast/Oceanic Flight 815 Day

I've been very sick the last few days, as may be evidenced by my pathetic writing attempts. But, hey, at least I made an effort. However, in my delirium I nearly missed Aldo Kelrast/Oceanic Flight 815 Day.

That's right, today's the day we take a moment to commemorate two momentous events in pop culture history: Aldo Kelrast driving to his death in a drunken stupor off the edge of a cliff, and the mysterious disappearance of Oceanic Flight 815.

Perhaps Aldo is only as dead as the Oceanic Six and will return to us shrouded in mystery and subterfuge. Or, maybe Toby will file her income taxes. Both would be really awesome plots.

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caroline said...

Get well soon! By the way I laughed out loud at your comment on Comics Curmudgeon about doing the same thing if this storyline doesn't get a move on ... I have a sinking feeling we're going to get a week of Toby driving to the airport to pick up Ian and speculating on how to break the news.