Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mary Worth 342

Road Trip!!

One thing's for sure: Mary Worth sure is up on her geography. I had to Google Lake Tranquil, and even then I could only find it in the Ozarks which is nowhere near Upstate New York.

Speaking of upstate New York, my wife and I went to see The Express (Mrs. Wanders went to Syracuse). Do not miss it. Go to the theater tonight, lay down your cash, and enjoy the movie! My wife and I both thought it was the best movie we'd seen in years. And we've seen some good ones.

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Anonymous said...

"Ah yes! I remember that rascal, Frank Forehead ... although in retrospect, his last name does seem to be a bit unforgiving."

Anonymous said...

Surely "Lake Tranquil" is a cagey code name for Lake Placid NY where the 1980 Winter Olympics were held?

Anonymous said...

Far be it for Moy to ever let any sense of reality enter into her writing. Wouldn't it be hysterical if we end up looking back at the last story line as her golden age? Re: Ernie Davis....As a teenager in Cleveland in 1962 I can remember the excitement at the prospect of our Browns having both Jim Brown and Ernie Davis in the backfield. It was not to be. My best friend's father had season tickets and he and is father were at the game when Ernie was introduced on field to the fans. He remembers the moment with emotion to this day. One historical correction: Ernie wore a sport jacket, slacks and a tie that evening, not a Browns uniform as portrayed in the movie.

viscosity said...

Speaking of tranquility, did you notice how the cabinet next to the black and white color changing tv had stereo equipment in it on monday, books yesterday and then stereo equipment back today? Jeff is one slick cat.

Wanders said...

Good call, Anonymous about Lake Placid. I feel bad that I didn't make this hilarious association since Mrs. Wanders and I honeymooned in Lake Placid. However, I really, really, really don't want to make any associations between our honeymoon and Mary Worth.

Johnny said...

The window behind Mary seems to be following her. In panel one, it is in front of her and Jeff. In panel two. it is behind them. Either that or they are curled up on a revolving sofa.

I hope this is a road trip to Lake Tranquil. I hear the leaves are lovely up there this time of year, no matter what 6th grader colors them.