Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mary Worth 373

I'm stunned.

Simply stunned.

What kind of steroid is Lynn taking to give her the strength to fight against Mary's meddling?!

That's it! That's her regret! She's juiced. Of course she's on steroids. There's no other explanation for her ability to withstand Mary Worth!

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maconmemad said...

Furniture may have stayed close to the same, but that window and some wall art definitely was moving around a bit during the conversation in the bedroom. Maybe that is evidence that Lynn, all jacked up on steroids, was able to resist the power of Mary. If Mary had been able to pull Lynn into her vortex, furniture and art would have gone crazy, shape shifting and bolting around the room

boojum said...

Note to Dr. Jeff: Forget the wider course of antibiotics. Lay in a full supply of 'roids. (Call Uncle Duke over in Doonesbury if you have to. Dammit man, this is an emergency!)

And wanders: Is there a secret message to Giella in your secret message to us? Wheels within wheels, man; wheels within wheels.

And my word for "Word Verification [handicapped sign]" is, for the very first time, an actual word. What word, you ask? Purge. That's it! That's Lynn's secret! That's why she's been too weak to do the Tighten Up! That's why she has to leave the room to "prepare for her program!" And, and, and -- it's how she can stand up to Mary!! It all makes sense. SHE'S USED TO THE TASTE OF THROW-UP IN HER MOUTH! IT DOESN'T EFFECT HER!!!!


Or should I, like, cut back on the espresso?

But seriously, man. a handicapped sign?

BaHa said...

Lynn seems to be carrying a 1956 Singer sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Mary was admirable? Moy has reduced her to obnoxious busybody. Booooo. Hissssss.

Robert said...

Mary was fooled into thinking Lynn's resemblance to Vera would make her an easy target for meddling and manipulation. Of course, you realize, this means Mary will kick her meddling into high gear! Run (skate), Lynn! Run (skate) for your life!

maconmemad said...

I just noticed how rag tag the furniture in Lynn's room is. The light table looks like a metal cabinet from a rehab hospital, and the book case looks like a dresser with all the drawers pulled out and replaced with books stuffed into it. I bet the mattress is really one of those cardboard boxes used by some furniture stores to make a bedroom set look complete on the show room floor.

Charlie said...

She regrets that in her past life as a head typist at an advertising agency, she didn't resist Mary Worth more. Given the warped timeline in Mary Worth, it is possible she is the reincarnation of Ms. Vera Shields.

Odette said...

I have never read a sentence quite as stirring as "About what you were saying..."

I think I shall start as many transitional phrases as I can exactly like that.

johnny said...


Lynn, wear it!!! Mary wear it! A change of clothing may be all this plot needs

Charterstone Physicist said...

Perhaps Mary works on a more subtle level than we think. Maybe she's lulling them into a false sense of security, with the grand emotional explosion being brought about only when her devious machinations pit addle-minded daughter against meddling-muddled father.

As an alternate theory, perhaps Mary's Black Magic power center is in Charterstone, and the distance from there is weakening her meddling powers to near-mortal levels.