Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mary Worth 389

So now we know what happened to Greg. He was beaten to death by an agitated swan.

How old is Lynn? I've been trying to figure it out for weeks. Sometimes I think she's twelve, and sometimes I think she's an adult in her early twenties, but that's probably only because I don't want to get totally creeped out by Mary's excessive involvement with a child she just met.

Today's Full Strip.


Eats Shoots And Leaves said...

"It was an innocent friendship based on harassing swans. We threw bags and bags of pebbles at them and laughed and laughed. Then a giant hosta plant fell from the sky onto Greg's head."

Anonymous said...

Wanders: The only way to not get totally creeped out by Mary is to not read Mary.

Let's face it; it's that "ick" factor lurking under the kindly old lady facade, that keeps us reading with the sort of bored sense of horror that only a master of the craft like Moy can evoke.

Mary's driven drunk drivers off of cliffs, she's made her boyfriend a humiliated hollow shell of a man, used a funeral as an Amalfi brother pick up zone, and proven that the only thing more soul crushing than her presence is her absence (as seen in the Mary-less credit scam storyline that lasted for 42 months this past August).

We know something creepy is going to happen. It's why we read.

"Sorry your wife's dead."
"Don't be!"

Can't ... look ... away ...

Charlene said...

Just from the facts of skating, Lynn can't be older than 17.

Of course, that's assuming that Mary Worth is reality-based.

jvwalt said...

Not sure how old Lynn is, but I'd say Greg is no more than 11 or 12.

Mollie said...

Lynn's father killed Greg! That's amazing! Totally didn't see it coming. I can't wait till Mary Worth calls the fuzz on her old "friend."

Anonymous said...

Mary Worth reality based? hehe hoho bwhaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaa

Robert said...

Friday's new strip is so subtle. Lynn remembers throwing away her friendship with Greg right next to a trash can! The symbolism will surely escape most readers, who need everything spelled out as clearly as possible.