Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mary Worth 402

Sometimes commentary on my part is just a waste of time. Today's strip pretty much needs no comment. This is why we LOVE Mary Worth.

Happy New Year!


maconmemad said...

I tell you what needs to be addressed, a letter to reality.

Dear Reality,
Please return in some form to this strip!

P.S. Please help me come up with an explanation of where the telephone Frank just sat on went.

Anonymous said...

Now he realizes that her fainting was unusual? Now?

Would it have been okay for Frank if his daughter had fainted a bunch of times in the past?

Mary: I'm sorry your wife is dead.
Frank: Don't be!
Mary: Erm, your daughter fainted, like, three days ago.
Frank: Huh! Hadn't noticed!

Anonymous said...

Loving Mary Worth is kinda like loving a bad tooth ache.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the phone ran away with the very large desk chair (kind of like the dish and the spoon).

Birdie said...

So that was a desk chair? I thought it was a big mystery box that disappeared.

In any case, the phone and the chair seem to have left a letter on the desk explaining their reasons for leaving. If only we could get a close look at that letter, we might be able to follow them. Their secret lives might be more interesting than Mary, Lynn, and Frank's.