Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mary Worth 416

Yesterday I was so confused by the mysterious lady in the stands that I couldn't even post. Today, I am greatly relieved to learn it is Lynn's choreographer, who clearly approves of Frank's barbaric style since she's put up with it for so many years. Meanwhile, two rows behind Mary, Frank is hiding amid the National Figure Skating Championship crowd of 312.


BaHa said...

Lynn does a single jump; she's also leaning. I think it would have been better to draw her as a blur...also, sometime during that very simple jump, her mouth seems to have fallen off. Not a bad thing, necessarily.

Birdie said...

I first read that as Mary-and-Lynn's choreographer. I thought Mary had suddenly taken up skating as well and was using the same choreographer.

Too bad. That would have been fun to watch. They could even switch off outfits since Mary seems to have kept her youthful figure.