Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mary Worth Adventures #434

Hey, that's me! Except I'm not a widower. Nor do I work for National Geographic... er, I mean, "a geography publication." And I don't travel that much, despite my nom de plume. But I do live in the D.C. metro region, and I fall asleep during "It's a Wonderful Life" every Christmas, and George Baily always wanted to be an explorer for National Geographic. Just like Adrian's boyfriend is now. Yep, this is definitely me!

Today's Full Strip


shandyowl said...

This travelling sounds like the perfect way to conceal his handful of bigamous marriages from each other.

Or maybe his previous wife was eaten by a crocodile?

Please let it be something exciting.

Maybe he killed her for constantly switching her coffee mug from hand to hand during conversation?

Anonymous said...

I see Jeff has just picked up a new American-made sedan with the extra-roomy interior that requires the driver to lean forward with arms fully stretched out in order to reach the steering wheel. Can tail fins be far behind?

I'm so happy Congress bailed out the Big Three so they can keep making the cars American drivers want to drive!


Johnny said...

Does anyone in Mary Worth have a normal job or occupation? Cashier at Home Depot, millworker, data entry clerk?

And, I think Mary may be taking a little trip to DC. Watch out Congress!

shandyowl said...

Johnny Ordinary people aren't nearly interesting enough to feature in the glamorous world of Mary Worth. We must content ourselves with reading about the Beautiful People.

maconmemad said...

I’m impressed with the crazy wide side window! That baby must be 4 ½ feet wide? The good doctor must be driving some kind of tricked out stretched limo!.

Wanna-be-Wilbur said...

Jeff might be leaning forward to turn up the radio to drown out Mary. Or maybe he is turning up the air conditioning to see if Mary is wearing a bra.

Vicki said...

Aldo Kelrast had a sweet ride, too. I sure hated to see it get wrecked like that.

Adrian's "guy" must be pretty rich to be commuting back and forth from D.C. to Santa Royale to date Adrian! So Dr. Jeff Corey, HAD to go out and buy a new vehicle so as not to embarrass Adrian.

Anonymous said...

Wanna-be-Wilbur: I go with the idea that Jeff is turning up the radio to drown out Mary. That is very funny!

Anonymous said...

I guess when Mary was back East, Jeff picked up a few extra bucks doing back room plastic surgery, hence, the new wheels.

S Frederick said...

Mary must run for office.

1)America will fall in love with her "No Child Left Unmeddled" plan for under-badgered children

2)she'd have a lock on the senior vote

3) except for that pesky Aldo Kerast thing, she's squeaky clean!

4) Dr. Jeff already has that lobotomized-spouse thing going for him and would make the perfect First Gentleman

5) The nation could tune in for the weekly "Fireside Chat About How You Should Be Doing More With your Life"

6) Melt hearts and sway minds of national leaders around the world with her blue ribbon casseroles

betterzits said...

In panel two, Mary an Jeff are looking a bit concerned. It's probably because the front windshield is closing in on them.