Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mary Worth 464

It's taking longer than Adrian thought? What in the world? I mean, she just found out about it yesterday. I'm starting to think that this comic strip doesn't make any sense.

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Tony said...

Actually, a month and a half of WorthTime has passed since Adrian's and Ted's luncheon, where she learned of his identity misfortune.

Could it be that Queenie is beginning to have some misgivings about her Prince?

Anonymous said...

Two more of Adrian's relatives (black hair/blue highlights)appear in panel 1.

maconmemad said...

If I wasn't in love I would think Ted is a greasy confidence man trying to talk me into elopement so he can quickly gain access to my money and credit, using a sob story about "identity theft" to cover for the fact that he is flat broke and has the credit rating of Circuit City. But you know what they say..."Love is blind!"

shandyowl said...

Judging by the clones in panel one this story is going to be about identity theft in the most literal sense.

I wish everybody would stop saying "sometimes" so often.

Is it the foreshadowing of a song?


Sometimes you make me feel
like I'm the only woman in the world.
some things are worth the trouble.

Sometimes you tell me how your first wife died.
Sometimes I think you have something to hide.
Sometimes it's a blessing to see me so happy.
Sometimes you surprise me yesterday.

Sometimes you come into an inheritance.
Sometimes you make the pretence of romance.
Sometimes you come back to where you used to live.
Sometimes your number is very impressive.

And sometimes that's tremendous!

Sometimes you want me to be your wife.
Sometimes I want to share your life.
Sometimes we meet my father to dine.
Sometimes we've known each other half the time online.

Sometimes happy memories will be expanded.
Sometimes I call you by your name and that is Ted.
Sometimes chatting feels like coming home.
Sometimes we have lunch with an old crone.

Sometimes emotions override intelligent thought.
Sometimes my father's favour can't be bought.
Sometimes I'm your Queenie and you're my man.
Sometimes you've never been to Vietnam.

Sometimes I'm the woman you adore.
Sometimes nobody has said that to me before.
Sometimes we share a moment like people in love do.
Sometimes fast and easy is your motto.

Sometimes it takes time.

Chester the Dog said...

Mary has to be the lazioest candy striper ever, all she does is wander the halls of Mountview, Morgue, er, Hospital.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is going to be ridiculous and hilarious. As Maconmemad reminds us, "Love is blind." But,as I am certain we are about to learn, Adrian knows she is acting blindly and is using being in "love" as an excuse to be an idiot. "If I weren't in love, I'd think this guy was a creep and a con man." Pure Moy.

Vicki said...

Shandyowl: That's quite a song!! I'm impressed! :)

Adrian is SOOO angry and scowling in panel two that her hair has become pitch black--NO highlights! I'm surprised she doesn't have a half blue, half yellow face! (Although that would REALLY frighten those poor patients! Gosh, I would hate to be a patient there, with such an angry doctor!)

I dunno, maybe the answer to Adrian's problem is posted on that bulletin board behind her? It's "worth" a look. Or, I still say she could write to "Ask Wendy". Just do SOMETHING, Adrian!

Johnny C. said...

What kind hospital is this? And what hospital has such a sloppy bulletin board?

It's pretty bad when the candy stripers look more qualified than the actual doctors. You know half the staff is out smoking by the energency room entrance.

Robert said...

This is going to lead to a dinner sequence at Charterstone where Toby, Ian, and that credit expert woman will try to offer assistance to Ted, who'll rebuff their help (since he actually doesn't need it), finally arousing Mary's dormant suspicions.

Chester the Dog said...

Robert: The Charterstone dinner sequence can only mean one thing! Salad and Seafood Scampi washed down by Tang, followed by endless cups of coffee. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until next year when we'll be introduced to a story about identity theft!

caroline said...

Re Secret Message - inhaled half a cup of coffee up my nose ... ROFL!