Friday, March 20, 2009

Mary Worth 467

Now Jeff knows how Public Radio feels. Listen, if your boyfriend can't keep his pledge to NPR, how's he ever going to keep his commitment to you?

I want to point out my new feature: Wanders' Album of the Week - where I get to express my musical interests beyond the Charterstone Jukebox. The widget is located just beneath the Jukebox in the right hand column.

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Anonymous said...

wanders--I think that's not vinyl siding--it's good old New England clapboard, just like they've done it in Santa Royale for, oh, I don't know--a couple of weeks now.

Oh, and the door in panel 1 looks like it's basement apartment sized--j-u-s-t tall enough for the average-sized adult to get through without mussing his/her hair. I had an apartment in Germany for a few months where the ceiling was about a hand-span above my head--and I'm 5' 10". My 6'5" roommate walked with his head tilted to his shoulder whenever he was home. Actually, he sat on the couch as much as possible. Those were the days!


Chester the Dog said...

What is it with Adrian and her purse? In panel one, she seems to be pushing in into the air.

I also learned something very important today. Jeff has recessed lighting in his front hallway.

Isn't it about time for Mary to come down the stairs wearing Jeffs t-shirt?

Toots McGee said...

I though Adrian was dramatically gesturing with her purse as a way of getting away from her father and his yammering about his charities, as in "okay Dad, yeah well, alright, my purse and I need to go plan a wedding, uh huh, yeah, pledge, right, uh huh, yeah, Ted will call you, buh-bye now Dad, buh-bye."

Anonymous said...

I don't want to put any pressure on him. I just want to see him so I can pressure him to cough up the money. Pure Moy.

Vicki said...

Didn't Adrian just ARRIVE at her Dad's house? Why is she leaving so soon?

Also, do you see how she is shoving her purse up against the doorframe? We women always do that with our purses just before we walk out the door. Sure. It's so our purses don't look all lumpy from the wads and wads of hundred dollar bills stuffed inside (and poor Adrian has sooo many of them b/c she makes a DOCTOR'S salary, doncha' know! She keeps mentioning that.)

Johnny C. said...

Yea, why DID Adrian go to her fathers house?


A: Ask him a medical question.

B: Gloat about Ted

C: Check out his new cheek implants