Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mary Worth 474

If by busy schedules you mean sitting on Mary's couch, parking Adrian's car, and eating at restaurants, yes, I could see how it would be hard to get together for dinner.

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Numbat said...

The tale is progressing at its usual rapid-fire pace - yay! - it will be interesting to see if they linger at the table sans Ted for as long as Adrian languished in her mobile wardrobe - er, I mean car.

The checks on Jeff's shirt make me wonder if he has come prepared to indulge in a game of post dinner battleships.

Though one must admit it is a pleasant change to see adults selecting raspberry cordial as their preferred beverage rather than alcohol. Oh such a cheery red!

But Mary still is silent. Has Jeff decided that he might enjoy a change of direction in his career? Has he been practising embalming on that drab Worth couch with the hideous cushions? Is Mary his first 'success' story? And is this somehow connected with his anticipated talk to Ted?

birdie said...

Mary isn't dead. She's one of the non-dead. That is why she must drink that cup of blood, as does Adrian.

djangosmom said...

I think that one of Ted's other business prospects may be calling. Another hotter, RICHER and more gullible 'prospect'. lol.
OR another idea, what if Ted is making up all of that loser crap trying to dump Queenie? I mean what guy wants someone who is willing to attach themselves,like a leech, after only a month? That's just creepy.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that the news is not all good. In fact, the only good news is that my identity has not yet been stolen.

Anonymous said...

Busy schedules? Only one of these persons is employed, and like her brother, works only part time, leaving her patients to fend for themselves against MRSA and C-Dif (if you don't know about these, you should go a'googlin').

BaHa said...

Drink the KoolAid, Adrian.

Vicki said...

I can't tell what's in Dr. Jeff Corey's hand--is it a coffee cup, or is it the napkin with Ted's donation amount written on it?

Oh man, if it's the latter, and he hears Ted's "not all good news" Dr. Jeff is going to be heartbroken!! He has probably been going to sleep each night with that napkin clutched tightly in his hand; singing the praises of Ted's amazing generosity.
And Adrian looks like she's doing incantations over that glass of blood. Will Lydia's ghostly visage suddenly appear in her drink? (Perhaps THEN we'll hear from Mary in the form of a scream!)

Chester the Dog said...

Adrian: Yes, changing clothes in my car takes up most of my free time.



Sorry for the caps, but if this story does not move any faster, I may have to head off to the Apartment 3-G page. At least they have head bobbles.

Anonymous said...

Queenie has a serious manual fixation--Ted's face, seatbelts galore, her scarf, now the red liquid glass at dinner. Perhaps it's time to visit a psychologist whose specialty is OCD.