Friday, June 5, 2009

Mary Worth 496

Do you mean, better circumstances like THESE?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, look! Mary's shadow has managed to get caught between the wall and the lower left corner of the picture frame, due no doubt, to Bryce Mack and his team of magic squirrels. Others will attribute it to the amazing ability of the picture frame to reflect the shadow back to Mary's head where we can't see it.

tuffenuf said...

Yes, I immediately picked up the magic picture frame and matting edge. They are resistant to mildew... and shadows.

Chester said...

Thats some shadow Mary casts. Geez, how powerful is that ceiling fixture of hers? 50,000 watts? Her electric bill must be pretty high.

duckduckgoose said...

It's a FORESHADOW, a literary device in which Mr. Giella drops hints about the plot and what may come in the near future.

Has Delilah been ... FRAMED?

Is the frame reference, as suggested by today's JibJab, a dance frame? Symbolic of Delilah's partnership with Lawrence?

Or are we to understand that Mary will be filling the empty week ahead cleaning her ornamental bric-a-brac?

Vicki said...

That jib jab is hilarious!!! I was sitting here at work (lunch break) laughing my head off, hoping nobody would happen to walk by right then...!!

Since Delilah is so good with socket wrenches and such, I imagine Mary is making a list of urgent home repairs as we speak! FIRST on the list is fixing that giant hole the pesky squirrel chewed through her living room drywall! (Hope Delilah is up to such an arduous task after disassembling and boxing up all the patio furniture.)

Chester said...

Vicki: you are right about putting D. to work in the Worth apartment. Maybe she can do something about those off-angled kitchen cabinets!

SFrederick said...

Maybe that face-touching syndrome is contagious. In the past two strips I think Mary's rubbed every part of her head but that weird serrated edge where her hair and her face connect.

No rubbing, Mary! God frowns on self-touching of all sorts!