Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mary Worth 498

Is that the house talking? Because if it is, I can name several reasons it should beg for forgiveness. No wonder Delilah wants to leave the Valley and live at Charterstone.

One thing you have to admit about Mary, when it comes to meddling, she does not procrastinate.

It just seems to me that Delilah is acting as irrational and idiotic as Mary was acting when she was dating Ron Amalfi and giving Jeff the silent treatment. But in the end, she was able to blame the whole affair on Jeff and make him beg for forgiveness before letting him crawl back to her. She should be the perfect confidante for Delilah.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding "Chester's" (Is this the world famous CTD?) comment from yesterday: "Larry Jonis is a bit too old for poor D, don't we think?"

Why are you concerned about their age difference? At least half of the failed marriages are between couples close together in age. If the man and woman treat each other with respect and love, age shouldn't be a factor. So, not all of us agree with you, but we do respect your right to your own misinformed opinion.

Vicki said...

Delilah is surely "Down In The Valley", isn't she!? She probably HATES that house with so few windows!! Is Lawrence a vampire or something? (Seriously, I wish the artist would settle on Lawrence's "look"! He's all over the place with this one!)

And speaking of looks--the evil look on Mary's face is priceless! And why does she need a WEEK to get the guest room ready? Is she going to place secret recording devices and video cams in the drapes?
Yep, I have a feeling this storyline will be a no-holds-barred, World Class Mary meddling adventure!

duckduckgoose said...

How do you tell a man that his build-it-yourself nature retreat project went abysmally awry?

Cement bricks on the bottom half and composite decking for the top? Bright yellow drapery and acoustic ceiling tiles?

"Lawrence, I... can't stand another week in this... if not for the patio furniture I would have... oh, what's the point?"

...when I'm 64 said...

Hard to tell how old Lawrence is, but I appreciate the introduction of a new hair color. Even with Grecian Formula, Jeff can look 50 or 80 depending on his posture and mood. So maybe they're all only as old as they feel.

But I'll say this: if age makes any difference in marriage, Mary 'otta be seriously considering a relationship with Benjamin Button.

Anonymous said...

There's Mary, carefully concealing listening devices in the bedding of her future house guest...

"Please, dearie, feel free to stay as long as you like! That? Oh, nothing, all of my blankets have that lump in them. Now, let me do the laundry, alright?"

Chester the Scooting Dog said...

Chester here: I am sorry for any misunderstanding, and will now "scoot" across Mary's yellow shag carpet to beg forgiveness. Age differences in marriage mean nothing nowadays, just look at Toby and Ian, jetting off to Scotland to buy another DVD.

You are right, Anon, about the age difference, but this IS Mary Worth, not reality.

It looks like Jeff is hiding in the bed in Mary's spare bedroom, ready for action!

not so tuffenuf on this one said...

Oh my goodness, Chester. That's what I was thinking, but I was not bold enough to write it! How funny.