Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mary Worth 509

"But don't you see, Mary? We're family now. You and me. Won't we have such wonderful times together?"

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Unknown said...

Those drawers are the perfect size to house Delilah's tiny pants for her disproportionately tiny legs.

Anonymous said...

Just when we thought Moy's drivel couldn't get worse we now have poor, poor Delilah. Her husband is successfully employed as a respected lecturer. What a tragedy in this era of high unemployment. What's worse is that she can't have a family because she can't adapt to his "transitory" lifestyle. And, given the extent of her distress, it is only logical that she would separate from him without telling him why. We weep for you Delilah. This is pure Moy...drivel without a hint of reason or imagination.

Vicki said...

Translation: Delilah is bored silly with Lawrence. There is no, um, "intimacy" in which to make babies. But boy, does D. love his MONEY! She can buy crushed red velvet tops, headbands and tiny pants any time she wants. Oh, and patio furniture!

Hmm...maybe she and Dr. Jeff will hit it off? THAT could get interesting, hehehe!

Chester the Dog said...

Vicki - Who can make babies while living a "transitory" lifestyle?

Schlepping all that patio furniture from one Motel 6 to another, poor D must be exhausted!

And, if Lawrences pants are as tiny as D's, they have another problem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'm not liking Delilah. Her best quality is that she's not lecturing us on computer security for the next three weeks like that Starfleet chick Ensign Terry Somethingorother did. Remember when physicists had to re-define time based on how slowly that story moved? "The Moy Effect", I think it's been dubbed.

Vicki said... just to clarify, I'm NOT advocating adultery for D., cuz that's wrong even in comics. BUT, if Jeff and Delilah were to innocently get Mary all worked up, haha, that would be awesome!!! Jeff would have his sweet revenge for the Ron Amalfi mess. D. could lug her patio furniture back down to the bus stop, face buried in her hands, wailing for Lawrence to take her back.