Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mary Worth 515

Delilah is one of the most complicated characters ever to appear in this strip. She's so complex I don't have a clue what this story is about. Even legendary comic strip artist Joe Giella's valiant attempt to give me lots of new angles from which to ponder the plot are fruitless. I am just not sophisticated enough to understand such goings on.

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Richard Lindberg said...

With him away so much she has read all those back issues of Cosmo that she didn't have time for when he was there.

S Frederick You said...

Oh dear God! I was all set to post a poem when I saw what's-her-whatever smack herself knowingly right there in the chin with a cup o' Mary's solid derivative-"o"-nesacafe! Ugh!


Moy sucks the joy.

ugh. The wounds, the wounds. Such sting.

The poem, as it were:

in the middle, mary meddles.
mary's meddling muddles;
muddling mary's midling meddling
muddles all but mary.

when a mary, meddling, muddles,
she reduces all to puddles.
working wise she works them down
smiles shorn to thus make frowns.

but the muddled meddling mary
cannot your guilt wholly carry;
YOU must bear the brunt of shame!
she causes harm -- YOU are to blame!

And such is subtle guilt. I bow pretentiously.

Ted Confey said...

"What about his?"

She just told you about his - he may be hurt. Sheesh, pay attention Mary!

Maggie said...

S Frederick You: Ohhh, smacked in the chin. I thought the coffee cup was stuck to her lip. Either way, Mary's Bollywood dance is an inappropriate response.

tuffenuf said...

It looks as though Delilah is reacting to the breakfast "Salmon Squares". (sound of heaving)

Vicki said...

I suspect the squirrel has chewed through the guest bedroom wall and found one of the secret cameras Mary hid in the drapes. Being a curious little squirrel, he clipped it to his ear, but now he can't get it off! That's why we're viewing all these weird angles and such.

And look, too! Mary apparently has a Magic "mirror, mirror on the wall"! I can almost hear it begin to softly play the song, "Feelings" as Mary asks it a question. "Magic Mirror, should Delilah stay with Lawrence, or should she listen to her feelings?"

(Loved the poem, SF You!)

Chester the Dog said...

Tuff: you are right about D. She really looks like she is about to toss her salmon squares!

And these odd camera/panel angles. Anything to hide the lack of a storyline.

Miss Emish said...

I just think Joe is as bored with this story as we are, so he's entertaining himself with his drawings. "hmm I wonder how many chairs I can draw," he says. "they're just talking about feelings again.... let's draw today's comic from the perspective of a fly trapped in the ceiling light."

Anonymous said...

"What about his?"
What about OURS?

pandagrandma said...

When I saw today's strip, but before I actually read it, I thought D was choking in Panel 2 (probably as a result of something Mary said) and Mary was jumping up to do the Heimlich on her.

Tony said...

I expect that soon Delilah will say, "Mary, when I agreed to spend the summer discussing my marriage with you, I expected you to be totally sympathetic about the unspeakable plight I find myself in with Lawrence. But since you're being so confrontational, I'm feeling restless and unsure, and may just have to listen to my feelings, about being here at these endless meals."

Groovymarlin said...

Just when I think that MW can't show us a plot line that's more inane, dull, and nonsensical; Moy goes the extra mile and blows away all previous dreck. This extended diatribe on Delilah's non-problems with her marriage make even the "Toby is a victim of identity theft" story seem sophisticated and exciting.

Can we even sum up what's going on here? Delilah has left her husband, albeit possibly temporarily, because...he travels too much. And she's afraid to start having children and end up having to care for a baby all by herself. And instead of just talking to hubby about this she...pushes him away with a lot of non-sequiturs and goes off to stay with Mary Worth.

I think she may be just about the most unappealing character to appear in MW since Ted the bigamist.

Chester the Dog said...

"Me me me me!" Is that all Delilah can think aboot?

Lordee, no wonder Lawrence travels so much, just to get away from her selfish personality.

Toots McGee said...

Mary Worth Without Mary Worth

duckduckgoose said...

Mary looks TICKLED PINK to find her apprentice so boldly egocentric at such a young age!

Now, she must teach this prodigy how to APPEAR altruistic, while ALWAYS getting her way.

"Distract and confuse him with words, Dear, words like: beds of roses, tender buds, dirty roots."

djangosmom said...

Mary Worth without Mary- good one Toots. now Delilah looks like a psychotic talking to herself...makes a much more interesting story.

maconmemad said...

Wanders, your comments are scrumtrulecent !

Anonymous said...

It looks like Lawrence's new favorite musical will be "Kiss of the Spiderwoman".

Anonymous said...

I want to look away...but odly I can quite easily actually.