Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mary Worth 523

I'd like to take a moment to admire Ol' Newsie Jones for keeping his eyes glued to the paper while Delilah traipses by dressed like the Queen of Sheba ready to rock and roll. Now there's a chap who cares about his Charterstone Reputation. And I shouldn't joke about that, because I really do admire that.

What is it about the name Charley and the use of the word "Ol'" in conjunction with it?

See how wide comics used to be? Those were the days! If you want to enjoy more classic Peanuts cartoons, which is my absolute favorite comic strip, especially anything before 1990, you can explore the complete archive here:

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djangosmom said...

Delilah is in a vulnerable state right now because she has just been manhandled all over the place by Mary. lol.

And sometime during their exchange, Charley has tucked his shirt in and is skipping after them looking like a goof.

Robert said...

You mean to tell me that while ol' Charley was having "exploits" and numerous affairs, we were subjected to stories involving sad figure skaters and Mary remembering her ragamuffin childhood? Where are your priorities, Moy? Give us the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

My god Dee is like a Cat on a hot tin roof! apparently her husband hasn't been giving you want she needs!

Vicki said...

I'm glad Delilah is "getting to know herself". Really I am. That's so great, cuz...yeah, I think everyone should know themselves. Especially when you're like 28 and married, or whatever.

And I, too, noticed Mr. Newsie is a gentleman who shows guys how to stay out of trouble. "Keep your eyes on the newsprint" is HIS motto. Unlike nasty Charley Jones who has a bad Charterstone reputation.

One last thing--I don't like Charlie's pants. Not one bit.

Duckduckgoose said...

Newsie Jones could be Gallant to Charlie's Goofus.

Chester the Dog said...

Fact: Charley tucks his shirt in IN PUBLIC!

Fact: Charley dates women who names start with D!!

Fact: D has had ribs removed and is proud of the scar!!!

Fact: The Santa Royale daily paper has yet to switch to color printing for its sunday editon!!!!
Do they print Mary Worth in their paper? If they do, the paper reader on the bench has just read "Salmon squares...they're delicous"

Doug said...

Also in today's paper:

Ron Amalfi: Not a Big Seafood Fan